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There are so many remedies on the market each proclaiming to be the ultimate acne remedy. The problem is all the chemicals in these products can actually break your face out worse because of an allergic reaction. Some of the best, little known, resources are all natural essential oils. Because these are natural products there is no chance of an allergic reaction. Your face can become free from acne blemishes by using these oils on a regular basis.

Essential oils like tea tree oil, rosewood oil, lavender oil, bergamot oil, and clove oil can relieve mild or moderate cases of acne. There may be a need to dilute the oils. You can do this with grapeseed oil. You can use these essential oils as a topical application. Each oil has it’s own properties.

Tea tree oil is an essential oil made from a plant in Australia, Melaleuca alternifolia. What is so special about this oil for treating acne is it’s anti-microbial properties. It can kill the bacteria which causes acne. You do have to be careful when you apply the tea tree oil. This oil can cause your skin to dry out. The irritated skin can become worse instead of better. This is why a mixture of the tea tree oil and grapeseed oil is recommended. You can find tea tree oil in any health food store. Just keep in mind this is a natural remedy and as such may take longer to work than other chemical based products.

Clove oil is another natural remedy commonly used for many things from toothaches to acne. Although it may be tempting to use the essential oils full strength it is not recommended. Clove oil can cause severe skin irritations. This would only add to the frustrations associated with having acne. You can dilute the clove oil just like the tea tree oil. The common formula is 5 to 1. That means 5 parts grapeseed oil to 1 part clove oil.

Bergamot oil has a wonderful fragrance. As a matter of fact, if you are a tea drinker this aroma may be well recognized. It is the same oils used in the making of Earl Grey tea. Bergamot oil has fantastic anti-bacterial properties. It also has drying properties. These two traits make it perfect for treating acne in a natural way. As with the other two essential oils, you will want to dilute the bergamot oil before applying it to your face.

For someone who has a natural oily face the answer to their acne problem may be rosewood oil. This essential oil can actually reduce the bodies ability to produce sebum. Sebum is the oil used to lubricate the hair follicles. It is the oil which can build up and cause an acne outbreak. Reducing the production of sebum can lessen the chances of an outbreak. You can actually use this oil as a spot treatment for the acne. If you have delicate or overly dry skin, you may not want to use rosewood oil. Should this oil cause any type of skin irritation, it too can be diluted with the grapeseed oil.

Lavender oil is the ultimate in essential oils. From it’s relaxing properties to taking away headaches and insomnia, this powerful oil can help with what ails you. Acne is one thing lavender oil can help with. Known as an antibacterial natural oil, the soothing properties of lavender oil can actually stop future outbreaks of acne. You can use this essential oil as preventative medicine for acne. This is a strong oil so it must be diluted for proper use and results.

These five oils can help you with the acne problems you have. Just remember with any natural remedy there is always the chance of an allergic reaction. Speak with your doctor before using any of the above mentioned treatments for acne.


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