Cystic acne causes and treatments

Cystic Acne

Cystic acne also known as Severe form of Acne Vulgaris is a skin condition that is quite severe when compared to milder forms of acne. If you suffer from cystic acne, your skin is going to be covered with cysts and infected nodules.

They are not life-threatening. However, they may be painful. These nodules occur on your chest, back and on your face.

Cystic acne is a comparatively rare form of acne. However, it is a rather serious and severe skin condition, which is going to leave lumps, cysts and scars on the affected areas.

Treatment has to be done continuously under the close supervision of an experienced doctor unless you do not mind being left with intensive scarring after a cystic acne outbreak.

Causes of cystic acne

Scientists are still researching on the causes of cystic acne, but they have found out that this particular skin condition can be aggravated due to different factors and causes:

  • An excessively oily skin
  • bad hygiene
  • bad diet
  • Clogged pores
  • accumulated dirt and dust particles
  • large sweat pores which have been infected by bacteria.

These are just some of the causes of severe form of acne vulgaris which can cause those infected and painful cysts. The word cyst here does not mean a dangerous ailment. It is just used to describe the nodules which are symptomatic of this skin condition.

This is rather a rare occurrence, taking into view that the causes of severe form of acne vulgaris are just about the same as any other acne condition and outbreak.

Nevertheless, scientists are still looking into the possibility of your immunity system having something to do with prevention or occurrence of cystic acne in you.

A good doctor is going to recognize this skin condition and monitor it carefully. That is because the symptoms are quite noticeable.

Cystic Acne treatment

Now that we know of the possible symptoms, and causes of severe form of acne vulgaris, let us concentrate on its treatment. One of the most disagreeable side-effects of this skin condition is extensive scarring.

It is almost as bad as one suffering from smallpox. That is why it has to be treated immediately unless you want to be left scarred severely. These scars may be temporary and may disappear within six months of regular treatment. They take the form of small lumps.

An experienced doctor is going to prescribe the right and the best cystic acne treatment for your condition. Some of the topical cream treatments are going to include a product named isotretinoin, along with antibiotics and antimicrobial ingredients to cure moderate and mild cases of severe form of acne vulgaris.

Causes Of Cystic Acne – Conclusion

So now that you know all about the causes of cystic acne and the best treatment recommended for such cases, under the close supervision of an experienced doctor, make sure that you contact him if you find these disfiguring lumps on different parts of your body.

It is going to take a little while and patience for you to get rid of these scars, but it can be done with the proper treatment, advice and guidance.


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