Myths about acne

acne myths

Acne treatment will help clear up acne. Many people wonder how they got acne in the first place. There are many myths when it comes to acne treatment and its cause. The following myths dispel some acne treatment myths.

  • MYTH – Acne is Not a Serious Disease – Acne is more than just a cosmetic disease. Acne is not a deadly disease, but it does affect a person’s appearance. Acne can cause devastating and permanent scars. Acne can lead to depression. Acne is a serious disease. A person suffering with acne should keep up their self-confidence as an acne treatment and not let acne keep him or her from living and doing the things they want to do.
  • MYTH – A Bad Diet Causes Acne – There is no proven connection between acne and a person’s diet. Foods that acne sufferers were banned from eating in the past do not cause acne. Chocolate does not cause acne. Now, that being said, certain foods can affect acne. These foods are specific to each person and not general to everyone suffering with acne. If an acne sufferer notices that a certain food triggers an acne breakout, that food should obviously be avoided. The best acne treatment when it comes to food is to eat good, nutritious food. A balanced diet helps a person’s overall health, which in turn helps with acne treatment.
  • MYTH – Poor Hygiene Causes Acne – Actually, believing in this myth can make your acne worse. Running to the sink to scrub your skin all the time is an acne nightmare. Poor hygiene does not cause acne. Excess dirt, oily skin, dead skin cells, and a layer of dust may make you want to run wash your face, but they do not cause acne. Hard scrubbing will irritate your skin, making acne breakouts worse. The best acne treatment is to wash your face gently, twice a day, with a special acne cleanser or mild soap. Pat your face dry with a clean white towel or let it air dry. Then, apply your acne treatment medication.
  • MYTH – Stress Causes Acne – Nope, stress does not cause acne. However, stress can cause other problems that may aggravate acne. Everyday simply stresses are a part of life, but severe stress can affect a person’s overall health. Stress can affect a person’s heart and other organs and body functions. A body not functioning properly because of stress may develop acne. Many times people suffering from an overabundance of stress become depressed. Medications for depression and other illnesses may cause acne. The best acne treatment for this myth is to stay stress free. Also, check any medications that may cause acne as a side effect.
  • MYTH – Acne Cannot be Cured – It takes some work, but acne can be cured, cleared up, and forgotten. When over-the-counter products do not help, do not hesitate contacting a dermatologist. There are tons of acne treatment options available. It is possible to eradicate acne!

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